A Passion For Bringing People Together

Reva McNicol

I have been coordinating celebrations of all types for over ten years. It started with embracing my culture at a young age. As a Pacific islander in America, I had a deep love for my Polynesian culture but noticed it was under-represented. I decided to change that by creating a Tahitian Cultural Festival here in San Diego, California, with the idea of bringing Tahiti to those who had never been. 

Working with vendors, hundreds of clients, and high-stress situations turned out to be second nature.  I embraced trying my absolute best to exceed expectations to create a fantastic experience where people can celebrate, enjoy, as well as learn.

I coordinate events, festivals, and corporate gatherings. Ultimately, my joy in life is Wedding coordinating. The emotions of the bride, groom, and family are something that makes me appreciate life more. Those moments I witnessed will last forever in my memory. I love my clients and their ideas and am always happy when I find out how creative these lovebirds are. Now it's my job to do everything in my power to make sure their visions come to life. 

My strengths are in my execution to meet deadlines, communication, and creativity.  


Guinness World Record Holder

One of my most meaningful event. Making it into Guiness History.